The Little Grey Wolf Will Come (2018)

Taylor Hall Gallery. February 6-16 2018. University of Delaware, Newark, DE

The curatorial idea of The Little Grey Wolf Will Come is to create a special space for remembrance. We want to produce a space to remember the ordinary women and men from Cuba who believed they were fighting for a fair dream and wake up one day living in a nightmare. A memorial that comes together, according to historian Pierre Nora, as the construction of a “site of memory”. Dashel digitally manipulates the private photographs of his family (photos of his Mom’s trip to Moscow, photos with his brother at school, little ID pictures from different ages, etc.) to recreate an imaginary world that goes through the questioning of his own identity. This way he makes us realize about the fragility of nationalist discourses, and also the fragility of big battles and big names because behind them we can always find the anonymous faces of the never told small history. In many ways, the manipulated photography, the objects, the sounds, the video images of a dark room, and the unintentionally overheard phone conversation, are traces of a country’s past that have been rebuilt in a child’s mind.

Maria de Lourdes Mariño- read full text

“Nieve de Moscú en una cajita azul” (essay in Spanish by Yoandy Cabrera).