The Little Grey Wolf Will Come (Work in progress)

The Little Grey Wolf Will Come was the original title —rejected by the Soviet censors— of the acclaimed animated film Tale of Tales (Yuri Norshteyn, 1979). As Norshteyn, I am interested in creating a visual emotional response to both, my changing personal memories, and part of my country’s history. The relationship among childhood memory, social memory, and history is the cornerstone of these works. Is childhood memory a reliable source? Up to what extent can we separate our own memories from the social imaginary from which they derive? Where are the boundaries between reality and memory? By altering my old family photos, I transmute my own past into something new. The magical creatures that once inhabited my childhood have come to dwell in these photographs. Norshteyn’s Hedgehog becomes a motive of self-identification and the Little Grey Wolf spies behind each door of my memories.