The Sixth Day (2007-2012)

The Sixth Day explores spiritual conceptions arising from the Christian Trinity and the creation-redemption of the universe and humankind. More than orthodox religious art, these works are my artistic approach to a very personal mysticism. By rewriting and reinterpreting symbols from different spiritual traditions, I look for an enlightening coexistence between science, faith, and spirituality. The Genesis is conceived as a mathematical curve. Adam is neither a male nor a female, but an anthropos, a human being. The tryptic Bara (create) accurately repeats the same composition utilizing mathematics, text, and image. There is, however, a risk to be surmounted by the viewer: that of trying to interpret these paintings as the “demonstration of a theorem.’ There is no need of a rigorous decodification of all and every symbol in these works. Rather, I propose the search and conquest of a perceptive, emotional, or supra-emotional level to be the last goal of this adventure.